Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last Call

I wanted to make one last call for posts. Several people who expressed interest in participating in the Virtual Writers' Conference have failed to submit posts, so I wanted to provide one last chance. The following people have submitted posts, and their posts have been scheduled:

Gayle Trent
Dana Fredsti
Marian Allen
Virginia Davis
Margo Dill
Mary Reed
Cathy Hall
Lillie Amman
Patricia La Barbera
Ruth Hartman
Tabitha Olson
Teresa Shaw
Joyce Anthony
Donis Casey
Jeff Reid
John Kremer
Debbie Allen
Penny Sansevieri
Jodi Webb
Selden Smith
Jessica Faust

No posts will be accepted after 5/15/09.

Thank you!


  1. Hi Gayle,

    I would like to particpate. What kind of post are you looking for? A simple three-paragraph blog? A fifteen page short story? Thanks.

  2. Hi, Stephen:

    The three-paragraph blog--if relevant to writing, publishing or marketing--would be great; but only if you can get it to me today.

    Otherwise, feel free to come by the conference and comment on other writers' posts with links to your own information.