Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Little Creek Books - Tammy Robinson Smith

Little Creek Books
A division of Mountain Girl Press
Bristol, VA

Coming July 1, 2009

Little Creek Books is a cooperative publishing venture between publisher and author.
We will begin soliciting submissions from all genres beginning July 1, 2009.
Before submitting a manuscript, you must email us a chapter outline of your book, a one page synopsis of the plot, and your marketing plan.
Email for more information.


  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm so happy to be part of this conference. I will be checking posts throughout the day. If you have any questions about Little Creek Books, please feel free to ask away!

    Little Creek Books is part of the Mountain Girl Press family. You can visit our website at to view our complete line of books. MGP was formed to publish fiction that celebrates the wit, humor and strength of Appalachian women. Little Creek Books is a new division of MGP. We will be accepting a broader range of book ideas from all genres and a greater diversity of writers.

    If you don't get a chance to post today, you may email me at anytime for more details.

    Looking forward to hearing from you throughout today, and hopefully in the near future as well.

    Tammy Robinson Smith
    Mountain Girl Press
    P.O. Box 17013
    Bristol, VA 24209-7013

  2. Congrats on your new venture, Tammy! I can think of nothing better than more publishing companies and more books!

  3. Thanks, Dana! I'm pretty happy about this new venture myself. I hope to reach the authors who realize the value of a small publisher. I may not be able to offer all the services or the fame and fortune a larger publisher can, but there's one thing for sure, you will always speak to the person in charge when you have a question!