Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Self Publishing by Patricia La Barbera

Have you thought of self-publishing, but you were hesitant because you didn't know anyone with first-hand experience?

Whenever I do something new, from changing doctors to enrolling in a class, I always prefer to have a reference from somebody I know. Since I didn't know anyone who self-published, I did some research about the companies. I learned that there are a lot of them, and I quickly got information overload.

I considered using CreateSpace, an inexpensive self-publishing subsidiary of Amazon, but the author has the responsibility of formatting the book. I felt that was beyond my expertise.

Ultimately, I chose Booksurge, a full-service company and also a subsidiary of Amazon. I don't work for Booksurge, and I'm sure there are other reputable companies, but I just happen to know about this one. Their basic package is reasonably priced.

Marketing is a special challenge for self-publishers. Booksurge has various tools to make it easier. I chose the extra options of a press release and a video book trailer creation and distribution service. Booksurge placed my book on Amazon. The Kindle version is there, too, another option I chose.

I'm very pleased with the quality of the book, and their customer service is excellent. I can't guarantee that you will have the same experience, but I'm very happy that I chose Booksurge. Their website is


Visit Patricia La Barbera at to learn more about her book, THE CELTIC CROW MURDERS.


  1. These days whether published or self-published, the marketing is a job unto itself. I love the cover for your book, Patricia - it looks fantastic!

  2. A few famous self-pubbers: John Grisham, Beatrix Potter, Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe, Benjamin Franklin, Tabitha and me. ;-)

  3. Dana:

    Thanks for your comment about the cover. I found the painting on the Internet, and the artist, Neil Shigley, was very generous to allow me to use it. He didn't answer my first email, though. I was hesitant to write again, but when I did, he consented. There's a lesson there for everyone.


  4. Patricia,

    I edit primarily for authors to choose to self-publish, and I offer a free self-publishing guide on my Web site. It is a compilation of a series of blog posts I wrote on self-publishing. Writers have so many options today that weren't open to them in the past, and self-publishing is a good option for many.

  5. I used as my first publisher and was moderately happy, but used AuthorHouse the second time was extremely pleased! (A/H bought iUniverse later that same year.)

    Other authors have had good results with